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Logo abic corp - v2 - Concept enterprise - By Carlos Lorite

Abic Corporation_ 2:

Melnik was a stocky man, elegantly dressed in the attire of an admiral, wearing the uniform of the ABIC corporation’s personal army and a large number of decorations on his chest.

The Abic Corp. was a universal corporation that had made a place for itself in the galaxy through the study of new types of thrusters, cyber and transhuman research. Reputation that I use to later dedicate an entire division to the study and contact with intelligent and non-intelligent races of all known planets.

Melnik was not a scientist but he was undoubtedly the man who should be in command of the fleet, since Abic fully trusted his leadership towards his division fleet, consisting of the Ra, the Anubis, the Osiris, the Horus, the Amon and the flagship and technological pride of Abic corp. from where Melnik commanded all of them, the Isis

Abic Corporation logo

Thus begins the second chapter of the novel Sirius, introducing Melnik to one of our main characters who directs the Abic corporation fleet, along with Dr. Zizek, its chief scientist.

Abic corp. It is a corporation dedicated to the study of planets, civilizations and non-human life forms. This corporation began creating technology in the world of Beyond Space, thus creating a fleet of the most advanced spacecraft on the planet, and then making the leap to geobiological research.

That is why Abic needed a logo, an identity that upon seeing our characters we quickly identified this corporation, since it is one of the most advanced and recognized organizations in the world Beyond Space. So here we present the Abic Corporation logo.


To create this logo we have used very straight lines with very angular edges that give the feeling of both a leading company and at the same time achieve a futuristic design. To these angular elements, a small anagram of rounded lines is added, representing two important concepts for Abic corp, such as its extreme technology ships and the horizon, since the purpose of this is to go beyond known horizons.

The color of Abic is also important since we could have used a green that represents life, but instead we have represented the logo in purple, more divine and yellow colors, more typical of suns and youth, uniting the discovery of new horizons, the divine and the youth that discovering new species constantly represents.

Finally we must mention before finishing the authors of this logo, being outlined by Carlos Lorite and executed by Jenni Arismendi.



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