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Beyond Space Companies and Brandings II

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This time we bring a new chapter of the companies and brands that surround the world of Beyond Space Project.

On this occasion we will bring brands that range from soft drinks that could be drunk in the environments of each world, to processing technology, through cybernetics, robotics and an exciting world that is closer than we think, space mining.

Without more, we start with these exciting brands and their descriptions.

Space mining.

Space mining is a concept that almost surrounds us, taking into account that mining operations are always active, since every company needs raw material for its products.

This, added to the business study of asteroids and space worlds, makes space mining a reality that will not take long to see or feel.

ATOMS. Space mining company dedicated to the Helio3 refinery, located in the parking and refinery complex of the large Yao therm space station.

COMET Company. This company is the largest company in the Yao Therm sector, having and a large fleet dedicated to the extraction of Helium 3 and disintegration of asteroids and comets, mostly extracted in the outer belt of the Wolf system.

Robotics and Technology

Robotics and processing technology are two almost essential factors around the Beyond Space world, and the world that surrounds us. That is why it is not difficult to think of a future with technological and robotic brands, although the latter still has a tug to make it everyday, it is not surprising that they make a big market about it.

CUBERGYB. A company dedicated to prosthetic components, more in the cybernetic line than robotics, separating both as follows. Prosthetic components reserved for cyborgs, which keep human consciousness or transcendence, and robotics that do not keep human remains, but are based from the beginning on a mechanical environment dominated by artificial intelligence.

NAKE-BTECS. The biorobotycs components are also in the line of cybernetics, but without neglecting the biocyberpunk concept, where genetics and organs created from synthetic components is viable for the vast majority of human beings, both for modifications and for treatment of diseases.

TECH CRYSTAL. Company dedicated to the processing technology on quartz and graphene glass, including some chips and other semiconductor cutting components.


ALIEN GRAPHIC. Specialists in elements and graphic processing, in order to service all those components that have to do with the processing of the cybernetic senses, as well as the sensors of the different body pairs.

GTECHIK, Dedicated to global data processing around communications, low and high emission range.

ONE LI. This brand would represent one of the leading companies in quantum processing. for companies and users, bringing optimized terminals and computers to the market as well.


Finally, we will see three brands of soft drinks or energy drinks that could be presented anywhere in the Beyond Space universe.

WEB. A soda known and packaged in Yao therm, and its surroundings.

SPARTAN. An energy drink produced and packaged for Yao Therm and its surroundings.

BEAST. Brand of energy drinks that extend in more than half of the galaxy known in the world Beyond Space.

These are some of the brands that have already been created to handle the different samples of Beyond that will come in the coming months, and that are an integral part of the main story, brands that could be perfectly companies around us interested in a Brand insertion of Futuristic style.

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