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In the world of Beyond Space Projects, we will see many fictional companies, but they could also be known brands of any activity.

In this post we will see different fictional brands, as they incorporated an endless number of films like Alien and that in some cases they are immovable by the context and what they suppose within the story, but that could well be Brand insertion.

What brand insertion is.

Female and male robots. 3D illustration

This concept is to introduce an existing brand in the context of the main story, thus giving more credibility and power to the story.

Examples of this practice we have in many films, so we are not going to stop much in this aspect and we are going to what really concerns us.

Companies surrounding Beyond Space Project.

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In this case and if different brand insertion of technological companies and other cameos of companies are not achieved, it will be followed by fiction so that different companies or commercial names will be created for each of the companies that leave or adorn Beyond Space . More specifically, The Beyond, the audiovisual part of the project, where these companies will appear more frequently.

In this way we will see a series of logos and brands that surround these companies. Some of these names have already been presented but without a doubt in these last stages of the development of the project they have improved considerably.

This is one of the companies that enters directly into the context of the story, so the inclusion of a brand insertion would not be feasible.

The Yao logo has changed to a much more corporate logo and appropriate to the project. This would be a space station logo so it would also be within the context.

The logo of the company that creates land bikes powered by a hybrid engine of hydrogen turbines and electric motors. We can enjoy this concept from the teaser, with the concept that is being developed for this purpose.

The company of our leading archaeologists and that will be a fundamental part of the main story. We already met a first version of this logo in previous posts, but as everyone has undergone modifications and updates, in order to get a better screen appearance.

Oils and lubricants are very important in a world of machines and spaceships, for any type of mechanism and any type of engine. This is one of the brands and companies that are presented as new, this being a case in which a brand insertion could be used.



You can see these logos in one of the shots of The Beyond’s teaser, which still has no release date, but without a doubt if you are one of our followers, it will be the first to find out.

In the next post we will see many more logos, defining of course the activity and the companies, as well as the way to fit these into the brand insertion of Beyond Space Project.

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