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Beyond the soul conceptual photography content

Beyond the Soul

Beyond the soul was born from the incorporation of the conceptual photography author Soul Reaper. It is defined as the union of Beyond Space Project and Soul Reaper Photography. Beyond The Soul. This union represents the union of the two projects to create specific photography content around this science fiction project.

At the same time, Beyond The Soul will give us a vision of what the image of the project would look like in its visual form. In this way we will present concepts and some characters and the environments in which they can be found.

Conceptual photography content

Beyond The soul Zahera sector Z

A special line inside Beyond Space Project, in wich we created some photographic concepts and we explore concept photos from Beyond Space Project world, with the special collaboration from Soul Reaper Photography.

This photography section aims to illustrate the concepts related with Beyond Space Project, characters, props scenarios, etc.

This section will be organized by the conceptual author Soul Reaper Photography, dedicated to thematic and conceptual photography.

Beyond The soul in time.

This section or block will have a certain number of seasons, due to the fact that its value will decrease when The Beyond, the series, begins filming. At this time we will see how the conceptual part will end and the development of the story will begin in a concrete way.

However Beyond The Soul will remain on the web and the blog, so that we can see it whenever we want. Not only how were the designs, content and concepts, but also to see how the Beyond Space Project has developed over time.

Beyond The Soul commercial material.

Connected room Beyond the soul

Added to the previous section, various materials related to Beyond The Soul conceptual photography will be made available to all fans. In the Beyond Space Project store, we will see exclusive prints and canvases, as well as other merchandise related to the section.

On the other hand, in the Soul Reaper Photography store, we can also find part of these canvases, but also exclusive material given by the XD7 producer to the author of conceptual photography, to maintain a certain degree of exclusivity in some content.

So far this post from Beyond The Soul explains everything about this block. We will continue reviewing the entire project and revealing how it works and how it is being developed.

At the last frontier, fight, evolve and keep going.