Spectacular motocycle concept made for the Leviathan teaser

MotorCycle concept -reference- BeyondSapce by Carlos lorite

Today we present a new concept that we are currently developing and that we will present throughout this year. In this case, this Teaser, from The Beyond and photo sessions, from Beyond The Soul take us back to a fictional universe and cyberpunk environment, on a planet located in a peripheral system and governed by an association of oppressive tyrants.

In this teaser we will show Sasha a girl with a hard past, tormented in the suburban streets. Shasa is part of a special resistance team that lives in constant danger and who are known for the link with their bikes, a futuristic motorcycle concept that is capable of going ahead of the oppressors, in order to get hit fast and run away.

Motocycle Concept

For this teaser divided into several blocks, we will use various special effects techniques (VFX), both in the audiovisual field, The Beyond, and in the photographic field, Beyond The Soul, along with a creation of art and concepts that are currently under development.

On the one hand, one of the blocks around this concept development presents Sasha, an assassin directly linked to one of the related stories from the world of Beyond Space Project, which we can also enjoy throughout this year. The story will show us an environment located in an oppressed world within a star system governed by a group of tyrants that a rebel group and Sasha, within a special division, face.

In this story and in general in this teaser, a world of oppression is shown within large cities, in which an association of powerful people live at the expense of the common humans, sub-races and alien races, who work in different mines, scrap yards and garbage processing.

On the other hand, we will create a fictional ad regarding the motorcycle concept, in which we intend to give the vision of its commercial concept, showing it as a product that can be purchased and evolved within the Beyond Space world. To make this block also using the same visual effects techniques.

I hope this short post puts you on the track of our work here at Beyond Space Project and don’t forget to follow us on the XD7 networks, the producer that is making this happen and Carlos lorite the creator of the world Beyond Space Project.

See you in the next post
Carlos Lorite


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