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Connected room concept, Beyond The soul & The Beyond

Connected room inside The Beyond

We continue on our space path to create different science fiction worlds, and after the renovation of our website, we continue with a preview and creation of material from the different sections of the project. We are talking about Beyond The soul and The Beyond.

This time we approach the concept of Connected room and its protagonist Kaito. A particular character who lives hidden in the Yao Therm space station and in turn connected to the whole world

Connected room concept

Connected Room concept

Connected room tells the story of Kaito, a man who is obsessively locked in his apartment permanently connected to all available networks in the universe. Through screens and other digital devices such as virtual reality, with the aim of searching for the keys to the incessant attacks of artificial intelligence hives. A kind of evolved machines that constantly declare war on the rest of the known races, attacking without warning at any point in the known universe.

Connected room and Beyond the soul

We can now enjoy the sessions created by the artist Soul Reaper on his website. In the same way we can enjoy these photos on our website too, in the corresponding section Beyond The Soul.

Here we will see two sessions, a first one that gives us the visual of what Kaito’s world would be and a second one that would be like B side, where we expand this vision.

Connected room teaser.


To see the connected room teaser we must visit another section, The Beyond section, since this teaser belongs to the previous images of how the TV series could be.

Regarding the teaser, we should clarify that there will be a complete sequence that was recorded to show such interaction in the world of Kaito. From this same sequence, parts will be collected, to make shorter teasers and trailers, as well as various pitch elevators in order to carry out the sale of the series The Beyond.

We leave you the cinematic video from which the whole concept and filming of the connected room teaser started.

So far this concept, we hope to show more of these sequences in future posts and extensions.

At the last frontier, fight, evolve and keep going.

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