Estrella Cañizares, The Beyond Makeup

Estrella Cañizares, The Beyond Make up

The Beyond Make up

The Beyond make up is characterized above all by the characters that we find in the block or sequence of Sisterhood, where we find endless tattoos and complex beads on the skin of the concept of warrior girls called sistehood.

The rest of the makeup was no less important in these Teasers created for Beyond Space Project‘s third season of content. Finding several types of makeup more normal but equally important to the actors are well presented before the camera.

Estrella Cañizares, The Beyond Make up

My name is Estrella Cañizares, I am a professional makeup artist. I have been dedicating myself to social makeup for 15 years, covering the needs of both bride and guest makeup.
I always dreamed of being a makeup artist for the audiovisual sector, so four years ago I decided to study a Master of makeup, characterization and set hairdressing at a film school to get it.
To this day I can say that this dream was fulfilled, I have had the pleasure of working on feature films, short films, advertising, theater and photography.

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