Graphic Novels,
Literature line of Beyond Sapce

The graphic novel is an almost logical step in the entire development of Beyond Space, and that allows us not only to delve into stories around this project, but also to create concepts and explore hidden places in the galaxy, in which everything unknown can be come true.

This Transmedia Beyond Space jump to literature is presented in a series of volumes, seven in particular in which we will collect two exciting stories. The main story will reveal secondary stories which will be complementary to the main story and the secondary story will reveal curious stories of events or places in the Beyond Space universe.

Very soon we can enjoy these graphic novels.

Our team

This is the team that is making possible the creation of the collection of graphic novels of Beyond Space

Creator of Beyond Space, and coordinator of content and transmedia actions

Avatar perfil virginia

Illustrator of the graphic novels of Beyond Space

She’s a Design graduate from Complutense University of Madrid, where she specialized in New Media. A fantasy literature and animation lover, she’s currently a comic artist and an illustrator. Within Beyond Space she’s developing graphic novels both as a cartoonist and a colorist.

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