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Guide to Understanding the World of Beyond Space Project


The Beyond Space Project started more than 5 years ago, but it did not always have this name and this form, so in this post we are going to analyze the project itself and its evolution, proposing a Guide to Understanding the World of Beyond Space Project, with the aim that all science fiction fans and stakeholders of the project are always informed about it.

Guide to Understanding the World of Beyond Space Project

Guide to Understanding the World of Beyond Space Project

The project started with an idea among many different fiction scripts, a slight story that did not gain strength until 2013 when that idea began to take shape from various models of spaceship concepts, of course always developed in the shadow of other projects, largely due to the low viability that it presented at the time.

It was already in 2015 after the making of the last short film by Carlos Lorite the creator and promoter of the Beyond Space Project, when a team of technicians who were passionate about science fiction got down to work with a first project in the form of a short film, taking the first steps in this adventure.

Some time later the short film had to be delayed again and consequently the project due to the complex production that it presented in all the departments.

Luckily Carlos Lorite did not cease in his endeavor and I return to the idea from another, simpler point of view and with a production more studied already in the way we know it today, but with the name of Sirius.

With the passing of the months and seeing that Carlos Lorite had a lot of scattered material that he wanted to start, he went to work to create a project and establish a development around the production design of the same, that could combine all these ideas that they seemed so disparate on the same umbrella, thus channeling the Beyond Space Project into a kind of creative Startup, managed through a main website.

In this way, Sirius was born in the first instance, which was later renamed Beyond Space Project.

This project still has a lot of ideas from various means of creative expression, such as photography, graphic novels and of course, cinematography. With the idea of ​​creating a kind of business model around it, so that all participants in it can benefit and thus reach more fans of science fiction.

Beyond Space Project Guide.

The content of the Beyond Space Project contemplates various forms of creative expression and aims to give expression to all main and peripheral ideas in all artistic and creative means of expression. Below we see all the resources that this Beyond Space Project is covering to directly reach science fiction fans from all media.

Literature. Beyond A Thousands Worlds

Graphic novels aim to tell peripheral stories to enhance the story.

The stories represent a way of showing different peripheral stories within the Beyond Space Project universe. These stories or stories will be collected in several volumes in order to publish it for all fans.

Photography. Beyond the soul

The photography will provide an idea especially in the testing phases and around the development of the different concepts of the project, also using as photo sessions of the characters for their promotion and for the creation of fictional concepts around possible advertisements or characters that are part of the story.

Series. The Beyond

The development of short films and teaser is one of the essential parts of the project and is the part where the entire team is specialized, of course each in her department. With this we intend to get a clear image of what the world of Beyond Space Project would be like, prior to the development of the story in serial form.

Graphic design.

Graphic design is applied mainly on the web, which is the main place for information and distribution of all material. Not only does it apply to promotions, but certain movements, exclusive websites and graphic movements will also be developed around various concepts from the world of the Beyond Space Project.

Hopefully this post has clarified some aspects of the project in terms of creativity and its evolution since it was born. In the next post we will see the phases of the project and how Carlos Lorite is managing the production design and internal operation of the project.

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