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Yao therm Space Station - logo by Carlos Lorite

We continue with the concept of the Yao Therm space complex. This time we immersed ourselves in the world of graphic design to present part of the corporate image that such a large space complex could have.

Yao Therm branding

As many productions have already done we have to give an identity to this entire science fiction complex to make it as real as possible in the eyes of the viewers, once again we delve into the pre-production of this entire project, Beyond Space Project and show how we have created our logo for Yao Therm.

The first thing when making a logo and in this case it would not be less is to do a small study on what activity the company is engaged in, and compile information of this type. In this case, the Yao Them space complex is a space station where a third-party trade is created and ore is refined for energy use by as many companies and governments as possible. On the other hand, not only trade has a place but also government affairs, so it was important to show the three complexes described in the novel and the stories of the whole story.

This is why we chose to make three blocks, and use the spherical shapes, because just as planets can be very stable and suitable shapes to create the necessary gravity in a place like this.

The last element is the double circles and the vanishing point lines, which mean complex annexes or artificial satellites that revolve around the main original complex.

Yao Therm Branding Color

Another important point is the color that we should select for this logo. The white color symbolizes the basic, the pure, the energy itself, The black color is an elegant color that can symbolize a giant artificial body, with primitive touches as well as the body it represents and we give red the representation of the flow of life, the flow of inhabitants and civilizations that pass through the complex.

Of course each of these three colors can be used for items that need spot colors, such as T-shirts, backpacks, etc. The fact of using only one color and preferably white, is that it can contrast well with any background color.

Yao Therm typography

As for the Yao Therm font, we were hesitating between two types with futuristic overtones, but in one of the cases it also had a retro touch, more similar to the SEGA logo, so we finally used a modern typeface, without serif and as readable as possible.

Branding Advertising

Finally to make all this more real, in the next post and creations we will be able to see announcements in which we will introduce the digital logo, and in 3D of Yao Therm. We will see different places in which the complex will use advertising spaces as any current large surface or corporation would.

So far this new post that has brought us closer to the most corporate aspects of a company or complex in this case of fiction. Of course I invite you to investigate all the companies created from nothing that exist and that are seen in movies and science fiction series with great results. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter and comment if you liked it.

Carlos Lorite

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