Hyper ion-GTX concept motorcycle logo

Logo Hiper - Motorcycle concept - By Carlos Lorite

Today we present a new logo, this time directly related to the hypothetical company dedicated to the development of our motorcycle concept. Introducing Hyper, the logo created to serve as both a badge and image for one of the concepts currently being developed in the context of the Beyond Space Project samples.

Hyper ion-GTX Logo

The brand created to represent this speculative concept is directly based on the completely breakthrough designer hydrogen propeller on motorcycles concept, which is manufactured and sold on some of the remote planets in the entire known galaxy, in the context of the world Beyond Space Project.

The structure of the logo consists of the brand name, with a very different «H», related to the «H» for hydrogen, and a rounded and dynamic typeface. The «H» is embedded in a circle, which symbolizes the hydrogen cycle over any sustainable expression on the planet. It represents a dynamic technology with a solid feeling.

On the other hand, we have the “ion” specification that gives clues about the technology or variant thereof used by the brand to establish the fuel for its engines powered by innovative turbines that use hydrogen as fuel.

Consecutively, the other acronyms refer to high-end models that would occur in this dystopian situation, which on the one hand gives us the feeling of firmness and on the other hand of an extensive market within the speculation of this type of motorcycle and technology. hydrogen turbines.

Hiper logo color

Finally reviewing the color, which could not be other than blue, since hydrogen directly retracts us to the blue color, directly associated with water.

An alternative version of this color is the gray or silver tone that will contrast with all the colors to choose for this motorcycle, of course always in a hypothetical and speculative way of marketing.

So far, our new progress regarding the Beyond Space Project, soon we will be able to show more progress and many surprises that the project holds for all its fans and followers. Do not forget to register to follow all the news and updates and follow us on the social networks of XD7, and all members of the Beyond Space team.


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