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Again we are back to tell you the latest news about the Beyond Space project, we are working very hard around the different lines of action to give you a quality content from Beyond Space.

Various changes and adjustments have been made, from the web to the lines, without altering the original content of course, but refining the development and sales lines. So that we can give more content until the achievement of the series, as the culmination of the project.


The web has had slight changes, with a cover on which the different Teasers will be presented, from those that already exist in the form of kinematics, to those that are on the way, in which we are working day by day, and that you can see soon from its development to its final form.

Just below from this section, on the same main pagem, we find four sections, in which you will find information in the four current lines of action.

In the first section we will find the advances and information of the teasers as well as the team that develops and will carry out this section that we are all waiting for.

In the second section we find the Graphic novel collection line, we will be giving information about our previous line of graphic novels, which will collect 14 stories in total related to the Beyond Space world.

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In the third section Previous SoundTracks, we will make a foray into the music that has inspired us to create the project, creating a pre-official soundtrack.

In the last tab we can find a section of photography created around the different characters and their concepts in different environments that will be derived from the filming of the teasers. This section will be made by the artist Soul Reaper, who wanted to be part of this project from the beginning.

In our Gallery section you can find more concepts, 3D props, vehicles and more, of course related to the progress of the projects and the world of Beyond Space itself.


As for the global Teaser and small pieces, which will serve to show the image of the project on the screen, very soon we will be able to reveal information, both of the development itself, as a script, concepts, interviews, and so on. Currently, the only thing we can mention is that we are working on pre-development, creating scenarios and concepts. We are also working in the offices, looking for support of all kind.


As for the Patreon section we have eliminated it completely, at least for now. From the direction of the producer and with the support of the creator Carlos Lorite, it has been decided to have other ways to promote the financing needs of the project, from its pre-development phase to its final production phase of the series, and all the lines created from it.

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Soon we will be able to support the project more directly through investment funds and other financial instruments that will provide a necessary income for the development of the project, all thanks to the people of the technical team, and the fans who support the project and wish to see it done. .

In next news we can see topics such as the new logo of the project, concepts already finished, and the first scenarios ready for filming.

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