New teasers from Beyond Space

We keep going in our espacial way to created different worlds of science fiction, and after our website renovation we continued with two teasers and the creation of some material from the different sections of the project, We speak about Beyond The soul.

Connected room concept

As we know Connected is a teaser who tell us the adventures of the Kaito, A stranger and impulsive characters connected to a huge network inside a small improvised room by hisrself.

We can enjoy the first images about that, in the section of Beyond The soul, and we will very soon the video teaser that we can watch in this website of course, in The Beyond section.

Cyborg Maker teaser

This is a small video, created as a teaser and also created as conceptual photography too, that we can watch right now in Beyond The soul section or in the Soul Reaper Web site, artist who create the pictures.

In this video we can see at old cyborg maker, who spends his life repairing and creating cyborg and implant cybernetics device into the people. This character lives in the suburbs of Yao Therm, near of the worst sectors of the space station.

Next Teasers, Pre production.

Lastly, we are preparing the preproduction of the rest of the teasers, that we hope we can watch very soon, Levithan, with the motorcycle concept which we have being working in the last few months. It is also a story in the Section Beyond of thousand worlds.

We can watch too, an amazing teaser around the Sisterhood, a concept that will appear in the main story. it is about a Sisterhood who protect some secrets of the ancient artefacts who they found into deep space, and it can reaveal some clues about the human being.

The Sisterhood is a rude cult of women, lost in an isolate planet.

In the next post we can see others teasers that we have already program to shoot. Ate the same time we can enjoy form the conceptual photos too, that we can see can see in the next post.

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