Planetary archeology within Beyond Space Project

Planetary archeology

Today we are going to present two of the main characters of Beyond Space Project around planetary archeology. we can also see the first sketches ready to incorporate into our sales document, made by Virginia Mendez.

But first we have to put our characters in context and we have to talk about a very interesting concept, planetary archeology.

Planetary archeology

Planetary archeology

Time and huges distances once we go out into outer space play a very important role, being a determining fact for planetary archeology to be a reality.

It is not difficult to think that in two hundred years, the marks left on the moon by the Apollo project, the flag or the lunar rover, will be monumental or archaeological concepts. These will be places of visit or investigation therefore.

Like some probes that humans can send now with the most complex technology it has, but that will be obsolete in a few hundred years, as may be the case with The Voyager, the probe that has been furthest built by humans.

Imagine what planetary archeology could be

Let’s imagine that the needs of the human being or the drive to explore takes 200 years to create a technology capable of going two, three or four times faster than The Voyager. It is deductible that this ship will reach her. And if this project was lost in time or the files went down in history, the ship would find it as if it were an OPART or a piece of space archeology.

Another possibility is that the voyager crashes into some planetary body, moon, or asteroid where a group of intrepid human explorers who have colonized that world find it. In such a way that this piece, which was once a piece of highly advanced technology, is a simple obsolete archaeological object.

Around this activity is where the two characters we present today move, ADRIAN SUL and MONIKA LUDIC, who work directing the SLM corporation, coordinating several scientists who study all human and alien settlements in search of objects of all kinds, both for research and documentation, such as for the recovery of various technologies of interest.

These are possible in the context of the Beyond Space Project, 4,000 years into the future. The human being has expanded and contracted twice and an endless number of ships and projects have been launched to all parts of the galaxy, creating a large number of worlds that in many cases could be isolated, or in other cases have perished in the attempt of a preservation isolated from the rest of the worlds, or simply by an inadequate settlement.

Adrian Sul

Adrian Sul, Planetary archeology

Man of science, bio transhumanist, body modified by genetic engineering. With many years in space, carving out both his career and reputation. Correct, intelligent and a role model for yours. Founder and director of the SLM Archeology corporation, in charge of finding a trace of any civilization in the universe.

His physical appearance is of normal height, angular face, blond, and normal complexion. It has some minor cybernetic modifications inside its body. Explorer, with concerns for everything that history represents and with great imagination.

Monika Ludic

Monika Ludic, Planetary archeology

Woman of science, curious about everything that has to do with ancient civilizations and past human pasts. It presents some modification of bioengineering, but they keep it a secret, since its ancestors and religious group prohibit this kind of practice. She co-directs SLM Archeology, and is married to Sul, making them inseparable.

Her physical appearance is of medium height, brunette, light eye color. Smiling and happy personality, very active. Smart and insightful, always wanting to discover and move forward.

I hope you liked these two characters, created by our illustrator of the project, Virginia Mendez (Crimson Mood) that you can find in the team of both XD7 productions and Carlos Lorite‘s team.


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