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Posters and advertising in the art department

Today we are going to do a very visual and commercial post at the same time. In this post we will show the signage that we have used for the art department of one of the teasers that will be released soon, Sector Z.

This signage is made as we have said for the corridor where Zahera run away to the docks. The posters are made from various samples and licenses, with due modifications to fit within the world of repression and low desk of the Yao Therm space station, where this teaser would be developed.

At the same time we present in this teaser how the branding insertion could be, which would be presented in all the stages of the series and which could be a source of investment for the development of the series itself.

Without further ado, we leave the sample gallery, which we hope you enjoy while you continue to learn about the iamgenes and the second season of Beyond the Soul, which has many surprises.