Sector Z, Spacial Station Yao Therm

Today it is time to talk again about the last two photography sessions created by the talented Soul Reaper Photography. Sector Z, Spacial Station Yao Therm and Hyper advertising which show us two more scenes that will be included in the teaser for the project series “The beyond”.

Sector Z – Zahera

In this scene we see Zahera a very powerful character that we will see both in the main story of the series «The beyond» and in the graphic novel part «Beyond A Thousand Worlds«.

This character played by Lidia Viso, flees in one of the most conflictive sectors within Yao therm, the world’s largest space station and landmark of the known Beyond Space Project.

In her flight to the docks she will have to deal with those sicairos who are chasing her.

The style, the photography and the action go along the lines that are intended to be shown in the teaser, in order to get as close as possible to what would be the final production of the series in question.

Hyper motorcycle advertising

In this scene we see how a fictional ad is shown, in which Jane, played by Marina Gracés, shows the concept of Hyper motorcycle, a concept created for the occasion and that is projected on the advertising screens of Sector Z.

This announcement is created as part of the Teaser to show a possible content insertion in some of the proper places for it, within the Beyond Space Project world.

In addition to this, that motorcycle will be the identifying vehicle of a group of activists that we can see in the graphic novels, Leviathan and that also appears in some chapter of «The beyond«.

I hope that these sessions that can be seen currently in the Soul Reaper Photography portfolio are to your liking and that we can soon sign on the Beyond Space Project page to attract fans of all kinds, in order to enjoy the series and graphic novels for years to come.

In future posts we will follow various samples within this world of the Beyond Space Project whose first phase is nearing its end. And remember, At the last frontier fight, evolve, and keep going.

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