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Sisterhood, feared army of wandering souls

Sisterhood, feared army of wandering souls

It is time for this spectacular concept, a teaser created inside The Beyond to show the image of it. Sisterhood, feared army of wandering souls.

In this Teaser of The Beyond watch a concept that will have weight in the main story as it progresses. We must also pay attention to some of the stories from Beyond A Thousands Worlds.

Sisterhood, feared army of wandering souls

No one knows exactly the number of troops in the sisters’ army. No one knows how far it goes or the planets they are on. Only a few adventurers and madmen dare to follow her trail, and not all of these adventurers live to tell what they see about the army of wandering souls.

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Synopsis Sisterhood

Kane, an adventurer who wants to keep track of the army of wandering souls, makes his way down a hillside on a lost planet in a remote system, when he is ambushed by a small squad of Sisters.


In this case we have a luxury casting, starting with Kane the adventurer played by Didier Otaola. Forming the small squad of sisters, and representing the feared army of wandering souls of sisters, we find Ibai Sanchez, playing Ksenia, Paz DeManuel, playing Wangera and Ana Bokesa, playing N`da sergeant of this squad.


In this case, we have the entire Beyond Space Project technical team, around a set assembled by XD7 Productions. We find Carlos Lorite as director, Jose A. Olivares as producer, Rafa Horrillo as artistic production, Pau Gutiérrez as photography assistant, and Verónica, from Vero’s wardrobe, in the wardrobe and Estrella Cañizares in the makeup department.

At the last frontier, fight, evolve and keep going.