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It is time for this spectacular concept, a teaser created inside The Beyond to show the image of it. Sisterhood, feared army of wandering souls.

It’s time to talk about the Sisterhood teaser. A very interesting concept that appears in the main story and that is directly related to this shocking story.

The Sisterhood is a group of mostly women, who, isolated on a remote planet, try to preserve a series of information that our characters will find.

The Sisterhood is also present in our graphic novel, Beyond A Thousand World, where some concepts of the same will be seen, especially related to this teaser, which is a little out of context of the main story, but which very faithfully shows what It will be this shocking concept.

Here we leave all the links about it, first of all the photographs taken for Beyond The soul, and in the coming weeks we will be able to see the teaser itself, always inside the Beyond Space Project.