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Stellar Map Locations of Beyond Space Project

Today we are going to see a part of World Beyond that we can already publish, at least the initial version, since the idea is to apply it interactively as well as 3D.

Today we are going to see the Stellar Map Locations, within the World Beyond part, which is the section that will give us the global vision of the entire project, giving us the context, the stories in its timeline, star map and the knowledge base o wiki.

Stellar Map Locations World beyond

This is the main novelty of the web, we will shortly introduce World Beyond, which in turn will be complemented with a WIKI. Inside World Beyond we can see a great timeline to place each of the artistic expressions, in this great timeline and thus be able to follow or not the chronological order.

In turn, the WIKI, which will be one more extension of the Beyond project, will bring us all the definitions of the concepts, places, ships, unions, grouping, characters and everything that has to do with the Beyond Space Project.

For the next post we will be able to see the wiki or the knowledge base, which is now ready to put content. and from there we will expand this project every month.
We hope to announce shortly the achievement or the start of the most relevant or main productions of the project.

I wait for you in the following post